BIOMAT® AirBox® 

The 402 air holes in the BIOMAT® AirBox® and the breathable film of the BIOMAT® compostable rubbish bags combine to bring a breath of fresh air to your compostable waste. In plain English: water can evaporate through the membrane formed by the biodegradable rubbish bags and the holes in the AirBox®, the compostable waste stays dry and fresh, and you can breathe deeply again at last, because the air is clean!

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The BIOMAT® AirBox® at a glance:

  • Ventilated caddy for hygienic compostable waste collection in the house
  • Specially developed for BIOMAT® compostable rubbish bags
  • Set includes lid with micro perforations
  • Advantage: air can permeate in but annoying fruit flies are kept out!
  • The BIOMAT® AirBox® can be easily fitted to the wall or in a kitchen cupboard using just two screws.

Available in two handy sizes:

  • BIOMAT® AirBox® Family (approx 10 litre capacity)
  • BIOMAT® AirBox® Single (approx 7 litre capacity).