Naturally sustainable

All BIOMAT®  is biodegradable and compostable in accordance with EN 13432 and decays into exactly those substances from which the next generation of “packaging plants” can grow. A natural cycle begins – and you start it off!

Naturally climate friendly

In times of climate change BIOMAT® saves up to 80% CO₂ when recycled, compared to its synthetic counterparts. 

Competitive advantage, naturally

In short: whoever uses BIOMAT® is benefitting their customers, the  environment and the climate.  BIOMAT® puts the focus on innovative naturalness. 

Back to Nature 

The way we see it, it’s not enough just to talk about sustainability:  instead, you need to turn it into reality, using our BIOMAT® solutions. 

Wrapped up in Innovation

With BIOMAT® a whole range of natural industrial packaging solutions is available to you. In the meantime, BIOMAT® films made from sustainable raw materials are meeting with wide acceptance as packaging for newspapers, protective lining for crates and deep drawn and moulded parts in a wide range of technical applications. We consider ourselves to be a full service supplier within our field and will gladly assist you in developing your individual packaging solutions. You will benefit from our long years of experience and our high level of technical competence, which influence each of our projects.