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NATURAPACKAGING® carrier bags are really multi-talented:

They let you carry your shopping home securely and once at home they are ideally suited to the storage of fruit, vegetables and bread, as the biodegradable film keeps these groceries fresh for longer!

  • biodegradable
  • certified to EN 13432
  • made from corn starch or potato starch
  • velvety soft and breathable biodegradable film
  • made in Europe
  • free from genetically modified raw materials (GMO-free)

Our NATURAPACKAGING® carrier bags are available in various sizes and designs:

  • knot bags, punched handle bags and loop handle bags
  • also available with customised printing.

When recycled our NATURAPACKAGING® carrier bags have proved to be virtually CO2 neutral.

The NATURAPACKAGING® fruit and vegetable bag has exactly the same advantages as its big brother. It can also be reused as a compostable bag for biodegradable rubbish!

We will happily provide you with a customised quotation, which will take into account your size, design and print requirements!

It’s easy to see – real environmental protection pays for itself!